Liposuction | Lipo 360

If you find yourself constantly focusing on pinching fat wishing it would just go away, liposuction or Lipo 360 may be a great option for results that might not otherwise be achievable. While there are many devices used by plastic surgeons to perform liposuction surgery, the primary difference between these devices is the amount of effort required by the surgeon to break up the patient’s fat cells and the ability to tighten the skin.

Our surgeons at Top Aesthetics utilize VASER and RENUVION technologies. VASER ultrasound is used to assist in breaking up fat before it is removed. Fat removal is more precise and more even, which allows for body sculpting in appropriate patients. It also reduces the amount of trauma to soft tissues which leads to less swelling and faster results. RENUVION is one of the best modalities for tightening the skin immediately after fat removal. We employ every resource to deliver the best cosmetic outcome.

Arm Lipo or Arm Lift

Like liposuction, laser liposuction, and smart lipo, Arm Lipo aims to improve the shape of your arms and enhance your overall self-image. The technique employed the usage of the best technologies for liposuction and skin tightening such as VASER & RENUVION. It is done under local anesthesia and patients have minimal to no discomfort during the procedure.

The Arm Lift technique can substitute a Brachioplasty for patients that fit a selective profile. Whether you're seeking a minor improvement or a significant transformation, Elite Top Aesthetics' experienced medical team will help you achieve the arms you've always desired.

Chin Lipo

Chin liposuction, also known as submental or neck liposuction, is a transformative cosmetic treatment designed to reshape the neck region by eliminating unwanted fat cells, refining the jawline, erasing the turkey neck, and achieving a revitalized, more youthful look. This minimally invasive procedure is highly effective in targeting submental fullness, often referred to as a "double chin," and can result in a beautifully defined, slender jawline and neck. By enhancing your natural features, Chin Lipo has the power to boost self-assurance, allowing you to fully embrace and enjoy your own unique beauty.

Hair Transplant

Designed to cater to both male and female patients, our NeoGraft system offers a no-scalpel and no-stitch option for FUE hair transplants, with advanced automation, it streamlines the surgical process by seamlessly extracting, and collecting individual hair follicles. Say goodbye to the outdated method of removing a large strip from the scalp, known as STRIP FUT, as our NeoGraft system eliminates the need for such invasive procedures.

Our team of hair transplant specialists has combined more than 20 years of experience, and this is what sets our work apart: unparalleled precision. Each hair follicle is targeted and delicately harvested intact, ensuring optimal results. These harvested follicles are then meticulously implanted back into the scalp, seamlessly replacing lost hair follicles. Some may call this process work, we call it art. 

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Frequently Asked

What is the recovery process like after cosmetic surgery?

Each individual experiences pain differently after surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe appropriate pain medication to minimize any discomfort. Generally, facial cosmetic procedures have minimal post-operative discomfort. Liposuction may be slightly more uncomfortable, especially for procedures that involve muscle elevation or tightening.

Where will my procedure be conducted?

Most elective surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis. However, it's important to ensure that if emergency hospitalization becomes necessary, you can be quickly admitted for appropriate care.

What should I know about the safety of outpatient surgery?

Understanding the safety of a plastic surgery procedure and its expected outcome is crucial. While many people undergo plastic surgery without complications, it's important to note that no surgical procedure is completely risk-free.

What type of liposuction do I require and what is the recovery time?

The specific liposuction options can only be discussed after an evaluation with a plastic surgeon. Generally, the recovery time for liposuction is around one week.

How is a patient's physical condition evaluated before plastic surgery?

A comprehensive series of appointments is conducted prior to any surgery to assess the patient's physical condition.

Do you perform traditional or advanced liposuction techniques?

At Elite Top Aesthetics, we are affiliated with our sister surgical center, Top Aesthetics at Fort Lauderdale. We use the most advanced liposuction machinery, including skin tightening, to deliver exceptional cosmetic results to our patients.

Are there financing options available?

Cosmetic plastic surgery is typically considered elective and is not covered by most insurance plans. However, at Elite Top Aesthetics, we may offer some financing options. Please contact us at 772-337-1642 to speak with one of our financial representatives who can explain the payment options with CareCredit.

Is there anything I can do to minimize swelling or bruising?

Yes, depending on the procedure, it may be beneficial to sleep in a reclined position for one week following surgery to reduce fluid buildup in the face and eyelids. Additionally, the use of Arnica and Bromalin can significantly decrease post-inflammatory response.

What are the risks associated with cosmetic surgery?

Like any surgery, there are always risks involved. However, by following the doctor's instructions, these risks can be virtually eliminated. In fact, there are often more risks involved in a car accident than in cosmetic surgery.

Is the outcome always positive? Will I look good?

In 99% of cases, patients are satisfied with the results of their cosmetic surgery. The remaining 1% of patients may be less satisfied, often due to not following post-operative instructions or having unrealistic expectations.

Does the procedure cause a lot of pain?

Rather than pain, it is more appropriate to describe it as discomfort, which varies based on the patient's sensitivity. Analgesics are administered to manage any discomfort. While there may be some pain, it is bearable, especially if the patient maintains a positive mindset.

When will I see the results?

Some procedures yield immediate results, while others may take weeks or even months due to bruising or swelling.

What type of anesthesia is used?

The type of anesthesia used depends on the specific procedure. Generally, local anesthesia is used in 80% of cases, while sedation, epidural anesthesia, or general anesthesia may be used for more complex operations.

Is the result permanent?

Yes, the result is permanent as long as the patient takes proper care of themselves. In rejuvenation treatments, the results are immediate and long-lasting. However, the natural aging process will still have an impact over time.

Will the scars be noticeable?

We strive to place scars in less visible areas of the body whenever possible, but the outcome of scarring cannot be predicted. Fortunately, advancements in techniques have led to smaller and less invasive scars. If scars do occur, we can use laser and other equipment to improve their appearance.

When can I return to work?

The timing of returning to work depends on the type and extent of the surgery. For minor interventions, it may be possible to return the same day or the next day. More complex surgeries may require a week or two of recovery.

Is there a guarantee?

No surgeon can guarantee perfection in a surgical intervention. However, if the result is not completely satisfactory, a touch-up procedure may be an option.

Are touch-up procedures common?

Touch-up procedures are performed to address any issues that did not meet the desired outcome. They may be necessary due to complications during the post-operative period or poor healing. However, they are not common if the patient is satisfied with the initial result. They are more frequent among patients with unrealistic expectations.

Does cosmetic surgery improve self-esteem?

Absolutely. When we feel better about our appearance and overcome any insecurities, our self-esteem improves.

Is it expensive?

The cost can vary greatly depending on the procedure, but it is generally affordable for most people if they truly desire it. It is actually much more costly to purchase a car or go on a specific trip, or even dine at certain restaurants or buy certain clothes. However, it is worth mentioning that they offer financing options for up to 3 years without any interest, which is a great help for many individuals.