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Experience the transformative power of PDO Thread treatments, a non-surgical aesthetic procedure that effortlessly lifts and tightens sagging skin. In just under an hour, we can help you turn back the hands of time and unveil a rejuvenated look, all with minimal downtime.

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These remarkable threads possess a dual effect that yields exceptional results. Firstly, they skillfully reposition the skin, creating a lifted and revitalized appearance. Secondly, they stimulate the production of your body's own collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, further enhancing the rejuvenation process. Instantly after the treatment, you will notice a refreshed look, but the true magic happens in the days and weeks that follow. As the PDO threads stimulate collagen production it improves skin texture. Your skin becomes thicker, tighter, and firmer, while concerns like fine lines, and wrinkles are expertly smoothed away.

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Frequently Asked

What is PDO thread lift and how does it work?

The PDO thread lift procedure involves the insertion of absorbable polydioxanone threads into the subcutaneous layer of the skin using tiny needles. These threads stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which helps repair any microinjuries caused by their placement. After 6 to 8 months, the threads are absorbed into the body, leaving behind new collagen.

How does a PDO thread lift work?

Similar to dissolvable sutures, polydioxanone threads are inserted into the sub-dermal skin layers to lift tissue and tighten the skin. This process is repeated as needed, with two or three threads typically used for each treatment area. The threads stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in additional lifting and tightening benefits.

Who is a good candidate for a PDO thread lift?

Ideal candidates for PDO thread lifts are individuals who are at a healthy weight and have mild to moderate skin sagging and wrinkles around the mouth, nose, chin, or jaw. Those with thin or excessively sagging skin may not be suitable candidates. It's important to consult with a qualified medical professional to determine if a PDO thread lift is the right option or if other facelift techniques should be considered.

Are all PDO threads the same?

There are different types of threads used in PDO thread lifts, depending on the targeted areas and desired improvements. Cog threads are commonly used to lift sagging tissue around the jaw and neck, while screw threads can add volume to deficient areas like the cheeks. The choice of PDO threads will be recommended by a medical aesthetics specialist.

What areas can PDO thread lift be used on?

PDO thread lifts can be used on various areas of the face, including the cheeks, brow, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jawline, and neck. They can also be used on the body, arms, thighs, and abdomen. A medical professional can assess if PDO thread lifting is suitable for the targeted area.

How long does a PDO thread lift procedure take?

The duration of a PDO thread lift depends on the targeted area, but typically takes between 45 and 60 minutes. Including preparation and post-treatment care, the entire appointment usually lasts a maximum of 2 hours.

Does a PDO thread lift cause pain?

The procedure itself is minimally invasive and involves micro-injuries to the skin layers. Local anesthesia is administered to ensure patient comfort during the treatment.

What are the side effects of a PDO thread lift?

The side effects of a PDO thread lift are minimal. Some patients may experience temporary swelling and bruising that lasts a few days. There is no downtime, and patients can resume their usual routine immediately.

How soon will the effects of a PDO thread lift be visible?

The results of a PDO thread lift can be progressive or immediate dependent on what type of thread is utilized. The lifting effect reaches its peak around 6 months after treatment, as new collagen and elastin tighten the skin and improve its firmness, smoothness, and youthfulness. The effects can last between 10 months to and 1 year, and maintenance treatments may be required afterward.

Is a PDO thread lift painful?

While PDO thread lifts are minimally invasive, the procedure involves creating small skin injuries. Therefore, local anesthesia is administered to ensure patient comfort.

When will I see the final results of a PDO thread lift?

A PDO thread lift provides immediate subtle improvements, but the majority of the benefits improve over time. As the natural collagen production increases in the treated areas, additional improvement becomes noticeable. Within six months after treatment, the face should appear firmer, plump, smooth, and youthful. The results can last between two and three years.

How much does a PDO thread lift cost?

The cost of a PDO thread lift depends on the number of treatment areas and threads used. As it is a customized procedure, the price will be provided during the consultation with a medical professional.