Dr. Humberto Palladino

Dr. Humberto Palladino, renowned plastic surgeon, has captivated the online world under his Snapchat persona, MagicSurgeon. With an ever-growing fan base, his exceptional skills, and a vibrant social media presence, celebrity MagicSurgeon Dr. Palladino has become a prominent figure in both television and print media. Drawing patients from across the globe, Dr. Palladino remains committed to upholding the esteemed standards instilled during his training at the prestigious Mayo Clinic. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, Dr. Palladino and his esteemed Elite Top Aesthetics team offer an unparalleled experience that goes above and beyond, ensuring your needs are met and your expectations are surpassed at every result.

Veronica Hexter

Possesses a wealth of expertise in Advanced Aesthetics, showcasing her mastery of advanced neuromodulator injection techniques and filler injections for various facial enhancements such as contouring, cheek augmentation, hand rejuvenation, and lip augmentation. With a personalized approach, Veronica tailors aesthetic treatments to meet the unique needs of each client. As a certified advanced registered nurse practitioner (APRN 3236802) with over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Veronica has primarily dedicated her career to women's health services. Her specialization lies in the art of skin smoothing through the use of filler agents, offering a more effective alternative to Botox for wrinkle removal. Furthermore, Veronica excels in providing facial aesthetic treatments designed exclusively for each individual, ensuring optimal results.

Diane Milan

Patient Care Coordinator / Surgical Tech

Diane comes to us from Porcaro Plastic Surgery where she worked for 8 years. She is a Certified Surgical Tech with over 10 years of experience and a Certified Skin Care Specialist with an emphasis on Facial Rejuvenation. Diane is very knowledgeable in every aspect of patient care and is always ready to assist with their needs.

Krystal Califano

Esthetician and Laser Technician

Has been a licensed Laser, Electrologist, and Esthetician since 2018. After being burned during a laser hair removal treatment by a novice provider; Krystal was inspired to become a specialist in Laser Skin technology and her mission is to prevent this traumatic incident from happening to others. Krysta’s thirst for knowledge and innovation drove her to become specialized in the following technologies: Alexandrite Laser, Diode Laser, IPL, Microneedling w/ RF, Fraxels, and many others. Krystal diverse knowledge permits the treatment of various skin conditions as but not limited to Sunspots, Facial Vessels, Spider & Leg Veins, Facial Wrinkles, Skin Tags, Nail Fungus, Laser Hair Removal on all skin types, Laser Facials, etc.

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